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What makes Norxe so unique is not only where they’re headed but where they’ve come from. Their Designers, Sales people, engineers and R&D people have lived and breathed digital projection for most of their careers. They have unique insight into the emerging technologies and in some cases have been at the leading edge of that innovation. They also have a deep understanding of their customers needs and are focused on offering bespoke products. Norxe has a product platform that allows for customer specific customisation while maintaining competitive pricing, something large manufactures will find difficult to achieve.

Norxe is pioneering high brightness LED and Laser technology. The result of this innovation is a High Brightness, Low Maintenance, Superior color and true Solid-State projector. Perfect for physically demanding applications and difficult installation where maintenance needs to be reduced to a minimum.

Norxe combines in-house engineering expertise in optics, mechanics, electronics and software.  Projectors are built for performance and quality to provide real solid state day and night vision to exacting standards.  All products are warranted for 24/7 operation without exception.

Norxe is located in Fredrikstad, Norway.  Located at the bottom of the Oslo fjord, Fredrikstad has a long history as a projector manufacturing town. Beginning with ASK then Proxima, Infocus, Projection Design and now Barco. There has been a large pool of of projection industry talent in Fredrikstad which explains why Norxe was founded here.

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